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2001 – Patent application filed for differential pressure proving for pipe supply of fluids.

2002 – Modern Plant Ireland appointed to sell and support Medem gas pressure proving systems for school laboratories in Ireland.

2003 – Distributor appointed for Great Britain for the gas pressure proving system

2004 – Medem take the sales & marketing for its products in house for Great Britain.

2005 – The first LCD easy use system on to the market is released by Medem UK for use in commercial Kitchens.

2006 – Introduction of turn key strategy for commercial kitchens to enhance service. Introduction of the 24 hour helpline for commercial kitchens for turn key packages.

2007 – Launch of the UKs first integrated gas pressure proving & gas detection system. Launch of the UKs first designed for purpose Carbon Dioxide monitoring system for teaching areas.

2008 – BP (Kosan Gas) approached Medem UK to be appointed as distributer and support for selected Scandinavian countries.

2009 – Introduction of the five & ten year warranty.
Banking collapse and worldwide recession, Medem
grow market share and invest further in new products and marketing activities.

2010 – Launch of the UKs first multi function range of systems for the built environment. Relocation to a larger factory.

2011 – Development work begins on energy monitoring solution for commercial & industrial buildings. Investment of £120,000 in new equipment funded from Medem reserves.

2012ISO 9001 certification achieved, launch of energy monitoring system, enhanced features and benefits incorporated into the SEC range, development commenced on EVO range.

2013 – Evo gas safety product range launch for early this year. The “inair” product launch with exclusive features. Expansion of the product and technical standards team. Two new European Countries to take Medem products.

2014 – Relocation to larger factory and offices in Manchester.

2015 – New range of gas safety equipment specifically for the catering market introduced.

2015 – Commencement of investment program for new production equipment including, bench SMT station for prototyping new product designs further enhancing our in-house R&D capabilities, Wave solder station and a digital optical inspection package.

2016 – Launch of the first gas pressure proving range that automatically checks each operation of a connected gas isolation valve to ensure fail safe operation of whole system and not just the Medem panel.

2016 – Continuation of production equipment investment program with the purchase of a Europlacer INEO SMT capable of handling components down to the size of a dust speck! Click here to see video

Nigel Thornley

Nigel Thornley, BSc(Eng) CEng FIET

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Made by Medem

Made by Medem

5 year warranty
Our industry leading five-year guarantee is a demonstration of our confidence in the quality and design of our products.

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