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Product: AGDS-2

The AGDS-2 is a gas detection system designed for use in boiler houses and pellet stores. Up to 2 low voltage sensors can be connected for the detection of natural gas, LPG or carbon monoxide.

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Product: SEC-B

The SEC-B, a multi-function solution designed for boiler rooms

Gas proving
Gas detection
Electrical isolation
Auto-restart after power failure
Auto-restart after a fire alarm reset

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SEC-K - kitchen interlock

Product: SEC-K - kitchen interlock

The SEC-K - kitchen interlock gas system. Ventilation interlock and gas proving system with multiple features available where and when required

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Product: SEC-L

The SEC-L, a multi-function solution designed for the laboratory

Gas pressure proving
Gas detection
Electrical and Water isolation
Demand controlled ventilation

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Product: SEC-Elite

The SEC-Elite is a gas proving system capable of pressure proving up to 4 gas lines from a single panel with individual control.

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