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AGDS-elite Gas Detection System

The AGDS-elite is a modular, programmable, gas detection system capable of accepting up to 32 detectors (with the use of extension panels). The system will be preconfigured before supply and require fully commissioning by Medem engineers.

Car parks, battery stores, battery charging rooms, food processing, agricultural buildings, banks and secure buildings are all examples of where the AGDS-elite has been installed to provide a comprehensive level of gas detection.

The system has been designed to be as flexible as possible with almost every scenario covered. Whether it’s a simple installation requiring just one detector or a large distributed system with a mix of gas detector types, alarm settings and remote indications.

1 to 32 detectors.
Eleven different gas types.
Optional programmable relay panels. (Low/High Alarms & Fault conditions)
Peak or Time weight average (TWA) alarms. (Programmable to your requirements)
Latching or Non-Latching. (Adjustable time to latch)
Detector and event log. (90 days of detector history for analysis)

AGDS-elite features and details.

  • One Main panel can have up to eight detectors connected.
  • With additional extender panels (max 3), groups of up to 8 detectors can be added.
  • Expanding the system to a maximum of:
  • 1 x Main panel
  • 3 x Extender panels
  • 32x Detectors

Optional programmable relay panels for use with BMS systems or remote indicators.
Optional relay panels can be connected to the main panel and each extender (one per panel). Each relay panel had eight programmable relays.
Depending on the number of detectors and relay panels connected each detector could have one relay set to indicate status (either high, low or fault), or could have multiple relays set to indicate multiple conditions. There is also a “double knock” relay to indicate if any two detectors on this panel (main or extender) enter a high alarm state.

Gas Detectors
Each panel (main and extenders) can except a maximum of eight gas detectors.

Current range:
• Methane/Natural Gas (CH4)
• Propane (C3H8)
• Carbon Monoxide (CO)
• Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
• Oxygen – enrichment and depletion. (O2)
• Hydrogen (H)
• Hydrogen Sulphide
• Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
• Nitric Oxide (NO)
• Ammonia (NH3)
• Acetylene (C2H2)
• Chlorine (CL)
• Acetylene (C2H2)

Coming Soon: • Phosphine (PH3) • Pentene (C5H10)

Alarm types
Each detector can be set to either a peak alarm or time weighted average (TWA) and be set to either non-latching or latching with a programmable time to latch of between 1 & 59 seconds.

Peak Alarms:
Can be set to any value with the particular gas detectors range (during the setup and commissioning by Medem engineers)

Time Weighted Average (TWA) Alarms
Three different TWA alarms can be set
For e.g. 5000ppm 10 secs, 3000ppm 2mins, 500ppm @10mins.

There is a downloadable detector log of minute average data for each detector with up to 90 days history.