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Laboratory gas pressure proving with optional carbon dioxide monitoring

In response to current legislation and product development we have combined our popular GPPS-L and GPPS-L-CO2 systems to provide a feature rich panel which is simple to use.

The GPPS-evo is designed for use both where gas taps could be left open to atmosphere in a gas line, such as a laboratory and where the monitoring of CO2 levels is required.

CO2 is considered a primary indicator of air quality, with the latest legislation setting maximum limits for levels within education facilities.

  • Department of Education building bulletin 101 (BB101), the supporting document to the building regulations part F. The BB101 states that the maximum level of carbon dioxide in the air within a classroom should be no more than 1,500 parts per million (PPM) daily average.
  • Gas installations for educational establishments IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2 11.2.4 “CO2 monitors should pre alarm at a level of 2,800PPM with 5,000PPM being the level at which the gas must isolate.”

As with all our gas pressure proving systems it employs our patented technology to measure pressure differential across the solenoid valve when performing a downstream integrity check. This method stops nuisance tripping of the gas supply. The addition of the LCD makes this system very easy to use. The LCD displays clear messages giving real information rather than just LED indications.

An auto-stop timer is incorporated to help prevent unauthorised use of the gas out of hours.

There are several “engineer functions” which can be used to aid in the set-up of the system.

  • A let by and a dynamic pressure loss reading can be viewed by the engineer using the push buttons on the circuit board or facia “Power” button. The Gas pressure readouts on the LCD indicating the pressure on both sides of the valve.
  • The carbon dioxide PPM levels can be seen by pressing the “Alert” button on the panel facia.

If you require further information about this product please call us on 0161 233 0600 or email at and we'll be more than happy to help.

  • GPPS-evo
  • Sender
  • AD-MED-CO2 Sensor

Design & Specification Documents

  • 5 Year Warranty

    5 Year Warranty

    Medem’s industry leading five-year warranty is a demonstration of the company’s confidence in the quality and design of our products.

    This applies to the main panels and sender units, gas detectors carry a two year warranty.

    Where we commission an installed system the warranty is extended from five to ten years. At the time of commissioning photos and gas pressure readings are recorded along with other relevent details of the installation. A 24 hour help line number and serial number is attached with the panel and all details are then entered on to the Medem database.

    5 & 10 year warrenty

  • CO2 based ventilation activation

    CO2 based ventilation activation

    When fitted with the additional BMS relay, a signal can be taken to a contactor to switch on a fan when a set level of CO2 has been detected in order to control the ventilation rate.
    This can help to save energy by controlling fans so that as the occupancy rises and falls so will the ventilation rate.

  • Engineer Functions

    Engineer Functions

    Our systems include several engineer functions which allow a range of information to be displayed on screen.

    This not only aids in the original setup and commissioning but also enables us to provide a greater level of technical support on the telephone.


  • Over Pressure Alert

    Over Pressure Alert

    New to our systems is an over pressure alert

    Should the gas pressure rise above 70 mbar while gas is being used the panel will isolate the gas supply by closing the gas valve.
    When the panel is first switched on and if at that time the gas pressure is over 70 mbar then the gas valve will remain closed.
    Only a Medem gas pressure proving system measuring pressure on both sides of the valve can operate in the way described.
    70 mbar is above the pressure most appliances and other equipment (in buildings) has been designed to use, higher pressures can occur where a gas regulator fails.

Individual laboratory control?

Individual laboratory control?

There are three main areas of gas control in education buildings:

Boiler room
Production Kitchen

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Differential pressure proving?

Differential pressure proving?

Why choose Medem differential pressure proving?

The differential gas pressure proving method as developed and patented by Medem operates by *measuring* the pressure deferentially across the inlet and....

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IGEM/UP11/Edition 2, Gas installations for educational establishments

IGEM/UP11/Edition 2, Gas installations for educational establishments

The Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) document UP11 Edition 2, Gas installations for educational establishments.

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Building Bulletin 101, ventilation of school buidlings

Building Bulletin 101, ventilation of school buidlings

Building Bulletin 101 is a 2nd tier regulatory document to the Building Regulations part F.It covers ventilation in education buildings

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