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inair CO~2~ monitoring

inair CO2 monitoring

Medem Inair – the only CO2 monitoring system capable of displaying the minimum, maximum and average CO2 levels in a classroom (patent applied for)

CO2 is now considered the primary indicator of indoor air quality, with the latest legislation setting maximum levels within education facilities.

It has been known for sometime that high levels of CO2 have a detrimental effect on students cognisance. However recent studies have shown that even moderately elevated levels of CO2 over a sustained period can significantly impair decision-making and performance.
medem inair
The main source of CO2 in buildings is from exhaled air and when coupled with the drive to increase energy efficiency in buildings which are becoming increasingly air tight, the risk is that without proper ventilation the air quality will fall below minimum acceptable standards.

The Department of Education building bulletin 101(BB101) – the supporting document to the building regulations part F, states that the maximum level of carbon dioxide in the air within a classroom should be no more than 1,500 parts per million (ppm) averaged across the day.

With a simple button press, the new Inair CO2 monitoring system clearly displays the minimum, maximum and daily average.

The real-time CO2 level is displayed highlighting low, medium or high readings for quick guidance on the ventilation condition.

Temperature can also be displayed, although location and air flow can effect accuracy and should be viewed as a guide only.

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Design & Specification Documents

  • Averages button

    Averages button

    By pressing and holding the daily averages button you can review the average CO2 level recorded over the previous 8 hours, additionally the system will also display both the maximum and minimum level for the same period.

    Inair daily button

  • CO2 based ventilation control

    CO2 based ventilation control

    A 0 to 10 volt output on the panel can be connected to fan speed controllers in order to control the ventilation rates based on CO2 and temperature levels.
    This can help to save energy by controlling fans speeds so that as the occupancy rises and falls so will the ventilation rate.

  • Inair indications

    Inair indications

    Control Panel the front of the panel has the following controls and indications:

    LED Indication: Bi-Colour LED indicates current air quality

    • Green – Low
    • Yellow – Medium
    • Red – High

    LCD Display:

    • Default view – Current CO2 , and temperature levels
    • Daily review – Displays the maximum, minimum and average CO2 levels recorded in the last eight hours

Building Bulletin 101, ventilation of school buidlings

Building Bulletin 101, ventilation of school buidlings

Building Bulletin 101 is a 2nd tier regulatory document to the Building Regulations part F.It covers ventilation in education buildings

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