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SafeAir Range

SafeAir Range

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The new SafeAir Ventilation Interlocking range by Medem – The SafeAir range is designed to offer Best Features, Best Warranty at the Best Price. They are designed for commercial kitchens and can be supplied with or without built in current monitoring, gas pressure proving and CO2, CO detectors.

The easy to use LCD provides clear messages giving real time information rather than just LED indications.

It is a requirement that any mechanical ventilation within a kitchen environment (both supply and extract) is switched on and running before the use of any gas appliances can take place. With the SafeAir if the ventilation is not switched on, the LCD display informs the operator that the fans are off.

Gas Detection

In addition when fitted with a Medem carbon dioxide detector (CO2) it monitors the CO2 level to ensure that HSE set levels are not exceeded. Should the carbon dioxide level rise above the set low alarm level the panel LCD will advise staff to “increase the ventilation .” If the maximum allowed level of CO2 is reached the system will isolate the gas and advise the staff to ventilate the kitchen.

The carbon dioxide PPM levels will be displayed on the LCD.

Ventilation Interlock

For the interlocking of the ventilation our current monitoring unit (CM2M-K) or pressure differential switches can be used.

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  • SafeAir Front
  • SafeAir Detector Side
  • SafeAir CM Side

Design & Specification Documents

  • 5 Year Warranty

    5 Year Warranty

    Medem’s industry leading five-year warranty is a demonstration of the company’s confidence in the quality and design of our products.

    This applies to the main panels and sender units, gas detectors carry a two year warranty.

    Where we commission an installed system the warranty is extended from five to ten years. At the time of commissioning photos and gas pressure readings are recorded along with other relevent details of the installation. A 24 hour help line number and serial number is attached with the panel and all details are then entered on to the Medem database.

    5 & 10 year warrenty

  • Clear OLED dispay

    Clear OLED dispay

    Simple easy to read display

  • Engineer Functions

    Engineer Functions

    Our systems include several engineer functions which allow a range of information to be displayed on screen.

    This not only aids in the original setup and commissioning but also enables us to provide a greater level of technical support on the telephone.


  • Fan interlocking

    Fan interlocking

    Fan interlocking is used where you require isolation of the gas supply when the ventilation is not running.

    In commercial kitchens it is a requirement to meet current regulations BS6173, BB100, UP11 (see our standards section for more information).

    Our recommended method of interlocking is “current monitoring” (see our model CM2M-K)


  • Learn current function

    Learn current function