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The SafeSpace is a gas detection system which can monitor the atmosphere for CH4, LPG, CO, CO2 and Oxygen Depletion when fitted with the appropriate Medem detectors.

Available as:

  • SafeSpace V with valve isolation.

  • SafeSpace M monitoring only & auto restart after a power failure (no valve control)

Fan interlocking for monitoring sites relying on mechanical ventilation.

Detection levels displayed simply on the easy to read OLED screen.

There is an internal toner fitted as standard, additional sounders, beacons and a BMS can also be connected and activated via the internal option relay.

Thermal links, remote EM stop buttons and a fire alarm input can all be monitored.

  • SafeSpace V
  • SafeSpace M

Design & Specification Documents

  • 5 Year Warranty

    5 Year Warranty

    Medem’s industry leading five-year warranty is a demonstration of the company’s confidence in the quality and design of our products.

    This applies to the main panels and sender units, gas detectors carry a two year warranty.

    Where we commission an installed system the warranty is extended from five to ten years. At the time of commissioning photos and gas pressure readings are recorded along with other relevent details of the installation. A 24 hour help line number and serial number is attached with the panel and all details are then entered on to the Medem database.

    5 & 10 year warrenty

  • Clear OLED dispay

    Clear OLED dispay

    Simple easy to read display

  • Fan interlocking

    Fan interlocking

    Fan interlocking is used where you require isolation of the gas supply when the ventilation is not running.

    In commercial kitchens it is a requirement to meet current regulations BS6173, BB100, UP11 (see our standards section for more information).

    Our recommended method of interlocking is “current monitoring” (see our model CM2M-K)