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inair BB101

Announcing the new Medem inair – the only CO2 monitoring system capable of displaying the minimum, maximum and average CO2 levels in a classroom (patent applied for). The Inair can also control ventilation rates based on CO2 levels via relay or 0-10 volt terminals either direct or through a BMS system.

SEC v2

The 2013 v2 update of the SEC Range offers the best value on the market in the UK today. These systems offer flexible features and are built to last for many years. Their design will also help to accommodate future changes to legislation.

Interlocking On CO2

New for commercial kitchens
The new IGEM TB140 allows for some secondary interlocking by means of CO2 monitoring so allowing gas to be used in the event of a fan failure for up to 24 hrs
See our SEC-K v2 for more details