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The new AGDS-V gas detection system can monitor the atmosphere for CH4, LPG, CO, CO2 and Oxygen Depletion when fitted with the appropriate Medem detectors.
Available as:
AGDS-V with valve isolation.
AGDS-M monitoring with auto restart after a power failure (no valve control)

Detection levels displayed simply on the easy to read OLED screen.

SEC Elite

The first Multi Gas Proving System capable of proving up to four gas lines (up to 10 bar).

Gas Detection (up to eight detectors).
Automatic gas valve status check.
Water and Electrical Isolation.
Fan Interlock and an event log.


The AGDS-Elite has been designed to be a modular gas detection system, it can accept between 1 and 32 gas detectors

Options for peak and time weighted alarm level monitoring

Relay panels provide the site with multiple output options, including latching and non-latching alarms.